Nutmeg [Jaiphal]

Nutmeg [Jaiphal]

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Nutmeg is referred to nutmeg tree seed. It’s the only fruit that is the source of two different spices (nutmeg and mace). The nutmeg seed is enclosed in a spotty yellow, edible fruit, the near size and shape of a small peach. The fruit splits in half to reveal a net-like, bright red cover over the seed. This is the aril which is collected, dried and sold as mace. Under the aril is a dark shiny nut-like pit, and inside that is the oval shaped seed which is the nutmeg. In Hindi it’s called as Jaiphal, you can buy Nutmeg online from your At we directly source from our farms and procure from established vendors of the industry. Farm fresh spices are guaranteed at your door step, you can buy Jaiphal online.

Health benefits of Nutmeg:

Nutmeg oil is potent brain booster, increasing circulation and allowing you to concentrate better.

It also works by stimulating the brain and therefore removes mental exhaustion and stress.

Nutmeg oil also stimulates the cardiovascular system and therefore is a good tonic for the heart.

Nutmeg is an effective liver and kidney detoxifier.

Nutmeg can help clear up congestion due to colds, this is the reason why it is used in many cough syrups.

Nutmeg powder (about 5 to 15 grams), mixed with apple juice or banana, is used as a specific remedy for diarrhea caused by indigestion.