Green Pepper [Hari Mirch]

Green Pepper [Hari Mirch]

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Green peppercorn is made from the unripe berries. Dried green peppercorns are treated in a manner that retains the green color, such as treatment with sulfur dioxide or freeze-drying. Flavor has been described as piquant and fresh, with a bright aroma.In Hindi it’s called as HariMirchi,you can buy Green Pepper online from your At we directly source from our farms and procure from established vendors of the industry. Farm fresh spices are guaranteed at your door step, you can buy HariMirchi online.

Health Benefits of Green Pepper:

Help to fight bacterial growth in the intestines

Green peppercorns are high in iron, vitamin K, and antioxidants

The skin of the peppercorn is helpful in breaking down fat cells