Black Pepper [Kali Mirch]

Black Pepper [Kali Mirch]

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Black pepper can be rightly called The King of Spice or Black Gold. Black pepper adds great taste to our dishes. It is one of the oldest known spices. It comes from the berries of the pepper plant. Black pepper is the most pungent and flavorful of all types of peppers and it is available as whole or cracked peppercorns or ground into powder. All our spices are sourced from Kerala, India and you can buy kerala spices online and it will be shipped throughout India. In Hindi it’s called as Kali Mirch and is a common spice available in Indian household. You can buy Black Pepper online from your At we directly source from our farms and procure from established vendors of the industry. Farm fresh spices are guaranteed at your door step, you can buy Kali Mirch online.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper:

Helps in digestion

Helps in skin health

It has antioxidant potential

It has cancer fighting benefits

Stimulates appetite

Heals tooth aches and reduces pains

Has got anti-microbial qualities which help eliminate cold-causing ger